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Television Production Services

Jaminationsdcc has a long history in the broadcast television industry. We have produced hundreds of 60 minute entertainment television shows over our 17 years of producing the “New Extreme Sounds” music & entertainment television show.

“New Extreme Sounds” (NXSTV) has seventeen years on broadcast television in Cincinnati, Ohio area. Six of those has been on running on the BounceTV network. NXSTV is accredited to being the longest running independently owned and operated television program in the city's broadcast history. While on Bounce TV NXSTV produced over 256 one hour music & Entertainment shows. With an additional eleven (11) year video library NXSTV has several hundred live, studio and on location television shows. NXSTV maintains a huge loyal following 18-55 in several targeted demographics. We’ve utilized our (NXSTV’s) popularity and positioning in the community to provide not only quality entertainment featuring local and national news, reviews and interviews but, also provide important information through a variety of mass media outlets as well. Outlets include: broadcast television, multiple social media outlets, Internet websites and special event promotion including; product and service advertising, event hosting, filming and street promotions.



If you have a Project, A Vision, Or an original idea for a show you’ve been wanting to bring into existence


Jaminationsdcc has produced hundreds of projects for broadcast television distribution. We can take your concept and work with you thru every phase of production. Shooting, editing and broadcast placement. We can created everything from your print graphic promotions, television commercials, 10 - 60 min. Promos for Internet/Social media platforms, Whether it’s a 15 min. Business profile a, one show pilot to a full 26 week episodic season.

Everyday Cincinnati
was a 30 minute business profile television show which aired on the WKRPTV network. Jaminationsdcc produced, shot, edited, and created all the television and print graphics for the show.

Ambush Makeover Cinci Stlye
was a 60 minute Makeover television show which aired on the WKRPTV network. Jaminationsdcc produced, shot, edited, and created all the television and print graphics for the show.

NXSTV “Make Me A Host”
is a spin off 60 min.reality tv show that aired on WKRP TV for 12 weeks. The producer of NXSTV choose 8 out of 100 young ladies to compete for a hosting spot on the popular TV show NXSTV.

Cooking With Soul
is a spin off cooking tv show that aired on WKRP. It was originally a segment on The Everyday Cincinnati Show and was so well received it became its own 60 program. Jaminationsdcc shot, edited, and created all of the graphics and animations for the show.

MMA Big Show
12 thirty(30) minute television shows for mixed martial artist fighting league. Jaminations was responsible for shooting all of the show rap around's, the show opens and closes, interviews and special segment. We also created animations and graphics for the show.


Our producers have over 30 yrs in the video production industry with expertise in commercial, television, and film production.

Film/Video Crews
From a one man band video production to full-length feature film crews. Your production will have the industry's best  professionals

Writing, Directing,  Filming, editing &   Producing: Documentaries Television Shows TV Commercials Infomercial Internet / social media  promos and commercials