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 Digital Video,Film&Television

2D/3D Animation

Animation NXSTV logo Anin4  GSFBSP MMAH Anim MT Anim GFS New3 Promo Anim6 Color Of Love

Animations and Special Effects for Film and television, Flying Logos, 2D/3D Graphics for TV and Print.

Over the past several years Jaminations has created hundreds of animations. We have produced flying logos, special animated effects for film and video, TV show opening and closes, bumpers, headers and trailers. What you see here is only a very small sample but you can find 2d/3d animations in just about all of the projects we have done over the years. Jaminations has worked on both large and small budget projects and the quality is always the same ... (top of the line)

Zhana Animation NXSTV logo Anin4 GFS New3  GSFBSP MT Anim Zhana GSF Anim Exp Promo Anim6 Color Of Love MMAH Anim