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Welcome to Jaminationsdcc Entertainment!
Jaminationsdcc is a multi media production company specializing in the deployment and creation of dynamic advertising and promotional materials for both large and small projects. Jaminationsdcc has proven to be savvy in the psychology of art in advertising. We are knowledgeable and experienced in all phases of multimedia production and graphic design work from concept to final production. With our extensive background in marketing and media production we have
designed, developed and produced:

Television Shows, Television media design and production materials for local and nationally syndicated television programs, TV commercials, Music videos, All forms of print materials including: presentation packages, press kits, brochures, annual reports, magazine layouts, CD and DVD covers, posters and bill boards etc.. Corporate multimedia presentations
High quality 2D/3D animations for video film and broadcast television productions, Web site development, Cor­porate training/Instructional videos

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